CX Fit Score 360°

Measure & improve your company’s Customer Experience.

  • Compare your teams’ CX abilities
  • Discover the strengths of your channels (web, app, branches...)
  • Get tips on how to improve CX
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It’s quick & easy

Discover your company’s CX readiness and the steps you can take to improve with our online research service, CX Fit Score 360°.


CX questions for your teams

We set up goals, timing & processes, plus:

  • Select teams and respondents
  • Create tailored CX questions
  • Send out an online survey with your logo & design

Surveys & workshops

Your employees fill out an anonymous online survey with CX questions.

Each team has tailored questions, plus a common section for comparison with other teams.

CX workshops are optional but a recommended addition.


CX report & next steps

You get a detailed report with specific recommendations for each team & project suggestions to improve CX.

Tip: repeat the research to see your progress :-)

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Answer 16 basic CX questions and immediately get a report via e-mail, including an industry comparison.

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CX Fit Score 360° is for enlightened managers of medium-sized and large companies who

  • know that customer experience is the key to client acquisition & retention
  • are determined to promote and drive customer experience within their company
  • have an ambition to learn about the real CX state of their company and improve CX competence, customer knowledge, customer-centric behaviour, tools & processes, company culture and leadership
  • want to identify and launch specific projects to improve CX based on priorities

You’ll get to know and understand the

  • CX readiness and maturity of your company
  • CX comparison between specific teams
  • CX strength of your channels (web, app, branches...)
  • report: tips and project suggestions on how to improve CX based on your priorities
  • optional: customer insights & industry-wide market benchmarks

With CX Fit Score 360°, you’ll have

  • a tool for positive company changes in the form of an experience
  • an unintrusive way of promoting CX between colleagues
  • company teams and stakeholders motivated to think about CX
  • help with employee involvement – bottom-up initiative
  • company teams with unified CX strengths for smoother collaboration
  • increased success rates in future company projects
  • a true look at your company's CX level you otherwise wouldn't get
  • a means to measure progress over time

It’s fast, simple and all steps can be taken online. For example:

Week 1: we select teams and create tailor-made CX questions
Week 2-3: we send out online surveys and gather answers
Week 4: we evaluate answers, then prepare a report and a workshop to discuss the results with you

The price ranges from CZK 80,000 up to 500,000, depending on the project scope, number of teams, conducted surveys and workshops held. We’re happy to prepare a proposal just for your needs. Let’s talk. Contact us.

In the CX Fit Score 360° survey, we ask employees what they actually do, not what their opinions, impressions or statements are.

For instance, a team in charge of your company website will get these questions:

  • Have you conducted user testing in the last year?
  • Do you regularly employ keyword analysis for content planning?
  • Have you improved load time on mobile devices in the last year?
  • Has the user satisfaction increased, stagnated or decreased compared to last year’s performance?
  • Etc.

With tailored questions, we can evaluate team CX performance, possible opportunities and room for improvement.

Even if a couple of respondents do not answer truthfully (deliberately or not), answers from the rest of the team ensure that results are correct. Irregularities in results are reviewed in the report and the truth usually becomes apparent after an interview with a manager and a workshop evaluation with the team.

A default variant of the service evaluates CX performance and readiness based primarily on online surveys with employees.

As part of optional variants of the service, we can provide insights from customers and suppliers or even market benchmarks.

All surveys are anonymous, so employees need not hesitate with honest answers. We track results for the team as a whole regardless of individual responses.

We do not share the results with any third party without your consent. We can also sign an NDA before the project kicks off. Only authorized specialists have access to reports and information.

Yes, we create each project to fit client’s needs. We customize the process, questions and your final report.

We are happy to discuss all options and prepare a proposal just for you – let us know.

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